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The Law of Thanksgiving

It's easy to be grateful around the Thanksgiving holiday. But what if we were able to find ourselves feeling grateful year round? What that might change about your life?

The Law of Who Past

To whom in the past are you grateful? Someone who gave you a break Solomon Thomas Jersey , someone who cared about you, inspired you, believed in you, or someone who simply listened to you? Have you ever sought them out to thank them Dante Pettis Jersey , perhaps just a phone call to say thanks? As someone who has made those kind of calls, it really feels good to express your gratitude. And as someone who has had the privilege of being on the receiving end of those kind of calls, it sure can make your day, your week Mike McGlinchey Jersey , or more.

The Law of Who Now

For whom are you grateful for in your life right now? Have you let them know lately how much you appreciate them? If not, give the gift today!

The Law of Attitude

Gratitude is simply an attitude. The one thing we can always choose each day, in any situation, is our attitude. Therefore Matt Breida Jersey , we always have the ability to choose an attitude of gratitude.

The Law of Abundance, Part 1

One great benefit of a gratitude attitude is you become much more aware of the abundance you already have in your life.

The Law of Abundance, Part 2

Another great and unexpected benefit of a gratitude attitude is that, with this consistent attitude of gratitude George Kittle Jersey , you seem to be able to draw even more and more abundance into your life.

The Law of Abundance, Part 3

Author Stephen Glenn has this definition of abundance; ?In terms of the population of the planet, you have abundance if, when you wake up each morning Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey , you have:

a choice of what to eat
a choice of what to wear
a job to go to
a way to get there.?

The Law of Lacking

If we focus on all the things we want and don't have, we wind up feeling lacking. Not a great state to be in.

The Law of Blessed

When we focus on all the many things we need and want that we do have, we wind up feeling blessed. A pretty great state to be in.

The Law of Focus

Have you ever noticed that what you consistently focus on tends to be what happens? I've also noticed that when we focus on what we lack, we tend to get selfish Jerry Rice Jersey , looking out only for ourselves. On the other hand, when we focus on our blessings, it's much easier to look out for others as well as ourselves.

Yes, it really can be that simple.

The Law of ?Betcha?

I'll ?betcha? that if between now and next Thanksgiving season Joe Montana Jersey , you focus on developing a consistent, year round gratitude attitude, your life will be a whole lot better this time next year.

The Sensation From HTC And The Blackberry Bold Touch-A Comparison Technology Articles | May 20, 2011
It is very difficult to compare these two phones as customers would normally be opting for either a large touchscreen device or a device offering a Qwerty keypad.?

If we forget about Apple for a second then two of the undoubted big names in the mobile phone market are HTC and Blackberry. ?Recently both of these esteemed manufacturers have released top end handsets aimed at being the pinnacle of their range. ?HTC have given us the dual cored Sensation handset complete with large screen and unrivalled power whilst Blackberry have now come up with the Bold Touch Cheap 49ers Hats , a mobile that perfectly blends a full keypad with a great quality touch screen. ?So which format comes out on top, the modern smartphone or the traditional business handset?
A distinct advantage that the HTC has over the Blackberry in this comparison is looks. ?Despite not being particularly ground breaking in the design department the Sensation is still an attractive handset. ?At 126.1 x 65.4 x 11.3 mm the measurements are still a little large but given the size of screen that is facilitated then this can be forgiven. ?The problem with the Bold Touch is that Blackberry have had to revert back to the portrait styled handset that has served them so well over the years. They dabbled with touchscreen devices with the nice looking but ultimately unsuccessful Torch range of phones and thus have returned to the format that there users typically favour. ?The issue here is that a phone housing more than 30 physical keys will lose a bit of its appeal in the looks department. ?Despite its neat touches and revamped design the HTC will win in a beauty contest every time. ?An area where the Blackberry does give the Sensation a good run for its money is when it comes to screen technology. ?At nearly 2 inches bigger and with a resolution of 540 x 960 pixels you would imagine that this would be very hard to beat. ?The 480 x 640 found on the 2.3inch on the Bold Touch actual works out at more pixels per square inch, however the HTC uses it S-LCD panel to great effect which results in an incredibly vivid image that is full of life. ?This is in contrast to the more dated TFT technology that Blackberry have opted to stick with in this instance.
If we were to look at the comparative speeds of the two handsets then the HTC Sensation would just steal ahead of the Bold Touch. ?The Blackberry certainly impresses thanks to a 1.2Ghz which is actually the same speed as the chip in the Sensation. ?Where the HTC has a distinct advantage however is that its processors sports two cores enabling the phone to handle multiple tasks without placing unnecessary strain on the phone. ?For this reason the Sensation operates at a faster speed than the Bold Touch, however it must be noted that the Blackberry is indeed very impressive in this area just not quite up to the standard of the exceptional HTC handset.
It is very difficult to compare these two phones as customers would normally be opting for either a large touchscreen device or a device offering a Qwerty keypad. ?Despite the obvious differences these two phones are b. Wholesale Jerseys China Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys China Online Cheap Jerseys Online [url=http://www.whol

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